About the DVDs

Falling to Peaces, a 12-part series on 3 DVDs — now available

This series offers a unique format that uses footage of conversations with everyday people on the street to create healthy discussion about difficult and often divisive questions.

Falling to Peaces weaves together everyday dialogue, opposing viewpoints, historical background, chalkboard visuals, and teaching moments to “peace” together each subject.

Topics are presented in a nonthreatening, engaging format that is ideal for participation by a wide audience.

Can be used for individual or group study.

Run time: approximately 8 hours total, divided into 12 sections (3 DVDs).

Part 1:   Coexist Concept
Part 2:   Bible: Truth or Fiction
Part 3:   Answer to Peace
Part 4:   The Fall to Peaces
Part 5:   Serpent Energy
Part 6:   Wheels of Wisdom
Part 7:   Secret within Self
Part 8:   Masterful Mimic
Part 9:   Counterfeit Light
Part 10: Unholy Fire
Part 11: Passing the Torch
Part 12: Peace or Pandemonium


Disc 1 – Parts 1 to 6
Disc 2 – Parts 7 to 10
Disc 3 – Parts 11 & 12


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