Falling to Peaces

A 12-part, 3-DVD series.

Our everyday world offers many paths to peace – on an individual level to a global scale – but although they may feel and sound good, not all paths lead to the peace they promise.

Falling to Peaces is a tool that anyone can use to be intentional about choosing the right path. It is no coincidence that we are seeing an explosion of spiritual alternatives in our world – in fact, this was predicted long ago.

With today’s uncertainty, it is important to know what the future holds. There are many contradictory prophecies and spiritual alternatives − determining what to believe is like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle!

Falling to Peaces identifies many pieces of the puzzle and presents the big picture so that you can make informed decisions. Viewpoints from the Bible and alternative spirituality are weighed.

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13 Responses to Falling to Peaces

  1. Amy MacNeil says:

    This is an unbelievable DVD set. Thank you so much for doing this! I have never before been forced to give such careful consideration to “why” I believe God is the answer. I have a better understanding now of Gods word and its validity. Thank you also for clearly exposing the lies that surround us in the world today. So much of it I never understood and many people seem too obsessed with being politically correct to actually tell the truth. Thank you for allowing God to use you to work in my life. I pray He will continue. I plan to get more copies for my sister and my daughter. This is worth sharing with as many people as possible.
    Thank you again. I wish words could describe the impact this has had on me!
    Love in Christ,

  2. In Jesus’ name, I thank U 4 all that U do…


  3. Melissa Hunt says:

    I just finished this DVD series & it was powerful. You not only teach what’s going on in our world (& sadly the church) but allow God’s word to speak for itself. Thank You So Much! I am sharing this with my husband & children, & plan to share it with as many people as God allows. I too feel like that one person who can’t make a difference, surrounded by the giants. May God use me too as He sees fit, and to His glory. Your work on this project is truly encouraging & inspiring. To God be the glory! Thank you again & God bless!
    By His Grace,

  4. Thank you for your obvious hard work in assembling this collection of information for such a time as this. I watched the whole series straight through, two nights in a row, and I can’t wait to share it with family and friends. Clearly the Lord orchestrated your efforts, and those of us who watch and wait for His coming are encouraged by you. God bless you and protect you.

  5. Zelda Krog says:

    If you are not aware of New Age spirituality it will walk into the church and sit next to you unnoticed. Most of us Christians are clueless! Thank you for consolidating what seems to be hours and years of research and studying, into a clear and urgent message.

  6. Craig Pelnar says:

    This DVD series is an invaluable tool to get the real scoop on what we (and our kids) are bombarded with every day, in the name of TRUTH, the LIGHT, and SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT.
    Should be required viewing for every teen-and anybody curious about what’s real-and not!
    God bless your efforts!!

  7. S A says:

    Praise B 2 the Almighty God of the Bible who has given you wisdom through His Word and His relationship to discern the schemes of old that the enemy has applied to these times. It is timely and a good addition to Dave Hunt and Caryl M.’s information. There is a lot of info out there, but it is hard to find sound doctrine! The understanding and usage of Scripture throughout this series by pastor Marriott and Dana was excellent/spot on! May the Holy Word of The God of the Bible and the information in this series be spread worldwide, and may people have ears to hear and eyes to see, and respond to the so desperately needed Truth of Salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!

  8. Kendra says:

    A friend lent me your series, “Falling to Peaces”, and it changed my life.

    I was already born-again but Falling to Peaces really did play out like a puzzle in my mind. I feel like I had knowledge on Christianity, but I wasn’t seeing how all of it fit in together. Your movie really helped put it all together. And it, obviously, opened my eyes to all these false religions that surround, and sometimes seep into, my life. I think everyone should watch your movie!

    Thank you for opening my eyes!

  9. Jeanne says:

    My mom lent me this video to watch and it changed my life! I am sending it on to my son and his girlfriend to watch and pass on. I learned so much watching your video and I wish all of my loved ones could watch it as well. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  10. Shelley says:

    I want to thank you for such a brilliantly presented look at the new age. It is so pervasive through so much of what we call entertainment in this society. We are peddaled lies and believe them in our desperation to feel whole and healed because we never understand that our true desperation is to connect with God and be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ. This series opens up the beautifully wrapped box and shows it for what it really is, a Pandora’s box full of beasts that want to destroy and devour. I have watched this with my teenage children (and will probably make them sit through it again!) as it is essential that they understand the subtle lies that they are being fed in the name of fun and being “cool”. I will be getting copies for as many other people as I can and will be presenting a copy to my children’s school and church youth group. Thank you for being faithful and for the hard work that you have put into this project. Sorry I have taken up so much space commenting but I just had to tell you how wonderful and God ordained this is! God bless!

  11. Uriel Lewis says:

    One of the best dvds I have ever seen. The information will make you well equipped to combat the new age deception. A truly great value and film. Buy it!

  12. Mark says:


    First of all, i would like to thank God for putting this project on your hearts– i watched all twelve parts a few weeks ago when visiting Canada, and i ordered my copy a few days ago from Caryl Productions and have been re-watching it since– simply incredible! Your research was top notch and though i was already familiar with a lot of the material presented, it was wonderful to see how you brought it all together into a cohesive whole. The Scriptures that consistently came to mind as i watched each part was Romans 1:21, 2 Corinthians 4:4 & 11:4. May God use this DVD to open the eyes of those who are caught up in these satanic movements, and may He use it to warn the sheep that our adversary is still walking about, seeking whom he may devour. Thank you for all of your hard work, and may our Saviour be exalted in the eyes of all who view this production. Grace, Mercy and Peace to you.

    In Christ,
    Mark S.

  13. Mudgie says:

    I have just finished watching the DVD’s and found them very good and full of information, from start to finish they covered everything.
    But I believe we shall be here for a part of the tribulation
    Rev. 13:17.also Rev. 20:4 and Luke 18:7-8. and Matt. 24:21-27.
    I loan out DVD’s and this one will certainly be used to inform
    and encourage fellow believers to trust in the truth of God’s word.